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Updated: May 30, 2020

Revenue Management in the hotel industry is rapidly evolving in the technological aspect and automated systems are crucial to the support of Yield Management in the hotel structures.

However, the assistance to technology integration, direction, strategy, and wise decision-making to the competent hotel revenues lays on the efforts of the Revenue experts. “The key is to focus on the diverse Yield Strategies applying the sixth sense that only the greatest revenue connoisseurs know.” Says Scott Frothingham, RevOptimum Founder & CEO. Another advantage to use a Hotel Revenue Management solution is to have the ability to concentrate on increase efficient guest satisfaction scores and online recognition growth. 

The power of a proficient Revenue Management service leads to the potential of the overall hotel productivity. It is not only required to have the technological and human aspect of Revenue Management but the support of innovative businesses like RevOptimum to reach the global market exposure and vast revenue growth.  

RevOptimum helps hotels proactively and creatively by formulating numerous approaches of data analysis, research and unique strategies that studies market share, demand generators, price elasticity, global hotel revenue and guest satisfaction amongst others, to develop the hotel’s reputation, simplify their complex channel administration and increase their revenues at the higher pace. Unlike other Revenue Management solutions, RevOptimum offers a TEAM of experts that work together for a considerably lower cost than hiring a Revenue Manager.

RevOptimum is one of the leading remote hotel revenue management service providers for hospitality businesses, driven by increasing room revenues (RevPar). With RevOptimum's remote revenue management solutions, strategic hotel revenue services, Yield Management workforce, supreme experience, and a skilled revenue management team, hotels may reach great revenue results and productivity. The team focuses on market conditions, OTA, competitive pricing, distribution management, yield management, RevPAR performance, and daily hotel revenue management support to mention some tasks. RevOptimum is a market-leading remote revenue management brand that understands the importance of building the business reputation, implementing efficient & effective yield management strategies, and revenue culture than ensures the improvement of the hotels’ efficiency & income. 

Mia Belle Frothingham

Global Chief Marketing & Brand Strategy Officer for RevOptimum.

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